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Theresa and Frank – Pre-Cana fostered essential conversations

Theresa and Frank praised the Pre-Cana course and its ability to foster essential conversations for both engaged and marriedPre-Cana fostered essential conversations couples. They say it’s a valuable resource for strengthening relationships and preparing for the sacred journey of marriage.

I really enjoyed the format of this online pre-Cana and thought it was a great way to strengthen the relationship between my husband and I. I liked the interactive assignments; they were very beneficial to promoting some important conversations between the two of us. In addition, I liked how this pre-Cana captured all the important topics engaged and married couples need to discuss like family, faith, finances, and romance. I would recommend this pre-Cana for engaged couples before they enter the sacred covenant of marriage, or even for married couples who need to strengthen their relationship. Thank you for this opportunity. – Theresa

I really enjoyed this pre-Cana program as it fostered valuable conversations between my wife and I. We had to complete this pre-Cana before a blessing of our marriage and I believe the program can be beneficial not only for engaged couples, but for married couples too. My wife and I were able to discuss important topics in depth. Before our marriage we only scratched the surface on some of these topics. I am thankful for the experience of this pre-Cana and would recommend it to anyone. – Frank

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