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What is the Twogether in Texas program?

Twogether In Texas provides a $60 discount off the $60 fee for the Texas marriage license when engaged couples complete 8 hours of pre-marital education. Texas also waives the 3-day waiting period, so couples are able to get married the same day they apply for…
Frank Nelson
February 27, 2021
Wedding Planning

Planning a Wedding During a Pandemic

As a wedding officiant I have officiated weddings during this pandemic, although many of my weddings were postponed until next year. The couples who postponed did so after considering the many options and concluding that it would be safer for everyone if they waited until…
Frank Nelson
November 1, 2020

Planning House Projects Together

REAL Couples - REAL Issues – REAL solutions  This blog is in a series inspired by real conversations between real couples preparing for marriage. The words they have spoken were inspired by using one of the guided conversations that comes from a self-guided course available…
Frank Nelson
September 5, 2020