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Congratulations! After working in person with hundreds of engaged couples preparing them for marriage, I now offer to Minnesota couples the same course, but in a digital, self-paced and private format. When you complete the $75 online course, you receive a notarized statement of completion giving you a $75 discount on your MN marriage license. So, the course pays for itself!
– Rev. Dr. Frank Nelson

The state of Minnesota online courses are ideal for couples who want to have a stronger love and better understanding in the way they communicate. In addition to a stronger relationship you will receive a $75 discount on your marriage license when you complete this 12-hour course.

It takes a lot of dedication to maintain a healthy, long-lasting relationship. In order to be the best partner you can be and also, improve the well-being of the children you may share, we believe every engaged couple is wise to take advantage of one of these approved, online courses, available only through Online Marriage Preparation. Choose between three Minnesota Online Marriage Preparation Courses: the basic, the Christian and the Catholic.

Choose Between 3 Minnesota Premarital Education Online Courses!

Basic (non-religious) eCourse

In the months between your engagement and your wedding day, you will be faced with a lot of stress, but it’s how you handle it that matters The Basic eCourse provides you with 10 downloadable, guided conversations designed to encourage honest communication on important topics. When you choose to take this Minnesota marriage preparation class online, you will learn different ways to improve your communication with one another and strengthen your bond before saying “I do.”

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Christian eCourse (Non-Denominational)

Another approved Minnesota Premarital Education Course class offered online through Online Marriage Preparation is the Christian eCourse. Like the Basic eCourse, you will learn more about how to handle various issues that may arise during the course of your relationship. However, the Christian eCourse is slightly targeted more to those with a background in the Christian faith. The course will feature Reverend Dr. Nelson as your marriage preparation coach in three full-length videos and 10 downloadable, guided conversations centered on faith, children, money and more.

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Roman Catholic eCourse

Online Marriage Preparation can also provide couples with a Minnesota marriage preparation class online designed specifically for engaged couples who practice Catholicism. Again, this online marriage preparation course is similar to the others offered through Online Marriage Preparation, but puts more of an emphasis on the Catholic faith and the importance of God’s presence in a marriage.

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Online Marriage Preparation would love to help you lay down the foundation for a strong, successful marriage.
For more information on our approved Minnesota Premarital Education online courses, call us at 651-731-7580 today.

Choose Between 3 eCourses!

BASIC (non-religious) eCourse

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Advantages to You!


  • Use your computer or handheld device.
  • In the privacy and comfort of your home.
  • Any place in the world.
  • Even if you live in separate cities!


  • Enjoy improved communication.
  • Learn non-defensive, conflict resolution.
  • Be more confident about your love.
  • Tailored to you, non-judgmental and

A Good Value

  • You pay only $75 (a $295 value).
  • Qualifies for the marriage license discount if your state offers one. In Minnesota, click here for details.

Couples Say…


I’m not the most forthright and outspoken person, so having an established, guided process was very valuable.


I believe everybody should do pre-marital counseling, and this digital version makes it so much easier to commit to.


I think the digital component of TalkPoints is a great idea. People may feel like they’re too busy to do pre-marital counseling, but this is perfect for couples who think they don’t have time or maybe are uncomfortable having a third party present.


I admit I was apprehensive at first. I knew it was important to do, but didn’t know what to expect. It definitely helped us re-affirm our love and express it openly.


The digital option was wonderful. It’s nice to have an “on the go” option so accessible that we could do it anywhere and anytime.


Communication between us is easier after the course.


Thank you for this experience. It has greatly strengthened our relationship and helped us prepare for marriage.


It helped us establish a standard for open communication in our relationship.


It was easy to follow and fun to work with. Thanks!


It has greatly strengthened our relationship and helped us prepare for marriage.


I have loved this course and found myself looking forward to each of our sessions at home. It was special because we so rarely take time to focus on our relationship.