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Implementing the Catholic eCourse

Implementing the Christian eCourse

A Letter From Rev. Dr. Frank Nelson

For the past 11 years, I have assisted the pastors of King of Kings Lutheran Church in Woodbury with their ministry of preparing couples for marriage. During this pandemic, this same course is now available to you, only in a digital, online format at

Here’s how it works for King of Kings. Their wedding policy requires couples to complete a 12-hour marriage prep course and they are referred to “Rev. Frank.” They order the online course ($75) and are sent a link and password to access the step-by-step guide, the teaching videos, the 10 guided conversations, and the link to the premarital inventory offered by Prepare-Enrich at or a free premarital inventory that I offer to them.

Couples like that the course is:

  • Self-paced and self-guided (they complete the course on their own timeline.)
  • Private and more personal since they are alone and more open to each other.
  • Comprehensive, covering some things they had not yet talked about.
  • Enjoyable and effective in helping them to enjoy a stronger, more open relationship.
  • Affordable (The discount ($75) on the cost of a MN license offsets what they paid for the course, and so it’s free.)

Church leaders like that the course does a great job in preparing couples for marriage, especially during a pandemic. There is no time or financial cost for the church, and I take care of sending the notarized statement for their MN license to them. If you wish to have electronic copies of the couple’s work, that is an option, too.

The results? I continue to be amazed that the reviews from couples completing the online course are as strong as the reviews I receive from those I work with in-person.

Please consider experimenting with this approach with your next couple. If you would like to review the content and videos of the course, please let me know and I can help you to access them. And if you have questions and would like to learn more, please send me an email or give me a call at (651) 731-7580. I’d love to help if I can.

God’s best to you in life and ministry,

Rev. Dr. Frank Nelson

Resources for Church Leaders

The guides below will help you to implement an online premarital education program at your church

Christian, Non-Denominational Toolkit

Sample Conversation

Non-Denominational Toolkit

Preview A Teaching Video

Clergy Say…


It’s wonderful to know that when we send couples to Dr. Nelson, they are going through a quality program and will be more enriched as a couple and better prepared for marriage.


My husband and I went through Dr. Nelson’s course and we loved it! Now I use it with every couple I marry. It’s a better tool than anything else I’ve used.


We have had nothing but a good experience.


Dr. Nelson has a passion, love and energy for this ministry.


Couples are always enriched by taking the time for the conversations.


I love using this resource, and it’s so simple to use.


Dr. Nelson has been a great resource for our congregation.


Dr. Nelson is a wonderful resource. I would strongly recommend him.


These tools bring a depth and balance to our marriage prep ministry.


As a pastor I have limited time. The fact that Dr. Nelson is able to assist with this ministry is a great asset to me.


We have seen transformation in our couples.

Advantages to You and Your Church!


  • Couples complete 10 guided conversations, including conflict resolution. (8 hours)
  • They participate in 3 video teaching sessions. (3-4 hours)
  • And benefit from the Couple CheckUp inventory from Prepare-Enrich. (2 hours)


  • Couples love the ease in talking, privacy, and flexibility in scheduling.
  • They will have a high opinion of you and the church for offering this positive experience of growth as they prepare for marriage

Time Management

  • Strengthen your ministry with engaged and spend a lot less time doing it.
  • Refer engaged couples to our website.
  • Require them to email their completed conversations and inventory report to you for your review.
  • Couples pay the $75 fee (a $295 value), so there is no cost to you or the church.


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