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Online Premarital Courses

Taken in the privacy of your own home!

What can you expect? You’ll enjoy 10 guided conversations, easy and fun to complete. Your love will grow and you’ll feel even more prepared for the moment when you say “I do!”


Choose Between 3 Online Premarital Courses

BASIC (non-religious) Course

The course that’s based on love alone. Come as you are!

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Christian-Based Course

For those looking for a course that is centered on Christian Biblical principles, this one is for you!

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This course is approved by many Catholic churches and meets Catholic pre-cana requirements.

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¡NUEVO! ¡Ahora los 3 cursos están disponibles en español!

Curso Básico No Religioso

El curso que se basa solo en el amor. ¡Ven tal como eres!

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Curso Cristiano

Para aquellos que buscan un curso centrado en los principios bíblicos cristianos, ¡este es para ustedes!

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Curso Católico Romano

Este curso está aprobado por muchas iglesias católicas y cumple con los requisitos pre-cana católicos.

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Rave Reviews

Hear What Our Couples Are Saying on Google


Alena Záborská
Alena Záborská
I really enjoyed this online marriage preparation and I can honestly say it brought us closer together. After the second talk, I felt very good about my decision to be with my fiance because I could see how similar we are. We answered many questions with a similar view and we talked about deep things and laughed together. I'm glad we had an opportunity to do the preparation online because my fiance and I live in two different countries and this was the only option we had. The price was also very reasonable and after the completion we received the certificate very fast. Recommended!
Renee Anderson
Renee Anderson
Excellent course! Rev. Frank did a good job of breaking down big important topics into small, manageable, and even fun conversations. It’s also great to be able to go at your own pace. He’s quick to respond. All around positive experience.
Alex Dagnall
Alex Dagnall
I am so glad that we chose to complete this course. Andre and I are in a very unique situation, which can be hard on both of us at times. Communication is so vital. Even more so, effective communication. We both absolutely agree on this but we have found it hard at times. This course has given us a much better understanding of each other and our individual needs. We found a way to communicate more openly and honestly and were able to express things we might not have before. I learned so much about my husband to be and it has made me appreciate him more and fall deeper in love with him. The entire course was amazing and the Rules For Resolving Conflict has really made us both think and revisit some of the conflicts we had in the past and think about how we could have dealt with them better. I have printed them and we will read them out on our wedding day, sign them and then frame them for our future house together. I want to tell all couples that are considering this course, please do it. I pray for all couples to have a blessed, wonderful marriage and I can say with complete confidence that this course will help you achieve that. God bless you Rev Dr Nelson for giving us the opportunity to learn from you and we will definitely be going back to this course again and again
Brenda Nava García
Brenda Nava García
It was beyond my expectations! My now husband & I loved it !
xiaoxing zhen
xiaoxing zhen
Extremely helpful course for marriage preparation. It covers all the topics during long-term marriage, e.g., children, money, issues, work, life. Great guidance for a deep conversation between couples.
Mackenzie Tasetano
Mackenzie Tasetano
This course helped us through conversations we never even thought about having. Very easy and convenient. Can’t recommend enough!
Linh Huynh
Linh Huynh
In my opinion, taking the marriage course was really helpful and useful for me. I have learned a lot of stuff that made my relationship even better. It helps me better and understanding my relationship more. Throughout of this course, I found myself becoming stronger and experiencing greater happiness. It also provided me with insights into the significance of marriage and the importance of showing love and care towards others. I felt joy and took pleasure in this course. I totally recommend it to other couples who want to make their relationship stronger and more joyful and it also brings your lasting marriage together.
Breanna Leigh Bang
Breanna Leigh Bang
This course allowed me and my fiancé to have the “hard conversations” and if it weren’t for this course I am not sure when we would've talked about these very important topics such as: where we will pull our weight, strengths and weaknesses, how we want to raise our kids, where our in-laws will play a role in our life, employment dreams/goals, etc. I am so grateful for this course, it allowed me to get to know my fiance better and truly appreciate his perspective on these topics. I feel so much closer to him and even more confident about our decision to get married! I would recommend it to anyone!
Christina Morrison
Christina Morrison
My fiancé and I thoroughly enjoyed your online course. Many of the conversations were things that we have touched base on previously, but never took the time to sit down and talk about in their entirety. We opened up a lot of new talking points as well...things like our difficulty with communication, our relationship to faith & re-learning how to handle conflict/resolution, that we will continue to work through and strive for. This, combined with in-person reflection with our officiant, has been my favorite part of the wedding planning journey. It has grounded me in the chaos of trivial planning tasks, which when all is said & done, will not determine the success of our marriage. I feel we've built an incredibly strong base to keep working & growing upon. I recommend this course!
Luke Paschka
Luke Paschka
My fiancé and I had a wonderful time with the course. It allowed us to have very engaging conversations that will be helpful as we move into marriage.

My fiancé and I recently journeyed through and completed Rev. Dr. Frank Nelson’s Online Marriage Preparation course, and it was brilliant!

The thoughts and conversations that were ignited led to significant growth in our relationship. We faced honesty, reality and spirituality square in the face, and have emerged stronger and closer than ever. There were emotional conversations, when we recapped the initial reasons we were attracted to each other, and revisited the moments we progressively fell head over heels in love with each other. There were hard conversations about things we don’t typically break down into steps or questions with specific answers. I love the concept of these conversations that target each area of importance in order to have a successful marriage.

After completing this course, we are truly more grateful for each other and for the relationship with which we have been blessed.

Melissa and Brad

Why Online Marriage Preparation?


  • Use your computer or mobile device
  • In the privacy and comfort of your home
  • Any place in the world
  • Pandemic safe


  • Enjoy improved communication
  • Learn non-defensive, conflict resolution
  • Be more confident about your love
  • Tailored to you and non-judgmental

A Good Value

  • You pay only $75 per couple
  • You get the marriage license discount if your state offers one
  • A smart investment in your forever future together

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Hear what over 1000 satisfied couples have to say

Lucy & Zach

The marriage prep course was a great way for us to sit down and connect amidst the chaos and busyness of wedding planning. It included many thought-provoking questions which we may not have discussed had it not been for this course. Thank you for preparing such a thorough course to get us ready for our future! We now feel more prepared to embark on a lifetime together, and are looking forward to more deep discussions like these. - Lucy & Zach

Bill & Devon

I expected to tackle some difficult issues and learn more about how to resolve conflicts, but what I didn’t expect was to fall even more in love by going through this process over the past couple of months. It has been so important for us to have these conversations, especially as we’ve been struggling to plan our wedding during the pandemic. - Bill & Devon

Carmelle & Tristan

This has been a wonderful experience! We liked the self-paced nature of the course and being able to come back and have deep discussions. I will no doubt recommend this course to any and everyone that asks for premarital counseling. - Tristan and Carmelle

Rev. Dr. Frank Nelson, Author of Online Marriage PreparationMeet Rev. Frank

Since my early retirement as a pastor, I have met in person with more than 200 engaged couples. It is now my privilege to offer to you the same course, only online and in the privacy of your own home.

It’s an innovative, enjoyable and thorough approach to premarital coaching that couples continue to rave about.

After you choose which of the three courses fits you best, you will received complete step-by-step instructions that will make it easy for you to engage in the ten guided conversations. It’s actually quite fun!!

I wish you a strong and lifelong marriage!

Rev. Dr. Frank Nelson

You might be wondering…

Does my state offer a discount?

More and more states and jurisdictions offer a discount program and some waive the 3 day waiting period. Please check with the state where your wedding will take place. Check out these pages for details on the Twogether In Texas and Minnesota Premarital Education programs. Each county in Florida requires a 4 hour preparation and offers a discount as well as waiving the 3 day waiting period. Also, check out marriage license discount programs in  Georgia, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah and West Virginia.

Do your courses qualify for the Twogether in Texas program?

Yes, all of our online marriage preparation courses are certified by the Twogether in Texas program, so you can choose the one that is a good fit for you as a couple. After completing the 8-hour, self-paced course, simply send us your completed work, and within an hour, we will email you an electronic copy of the Twogether in Texas statement of completion. Take the statement to the marriage license bureau and receive your $60 discount and have the 72-hour waiting period waived.

How long does it take to complete the course?

Your timeline is flexible and completely up to you! The course can be completed in one long day if that’s what you decide to do, but if you have time, it’s best to stretch the experience over days or weeks. In that case, plan to create a timeline for one or two “conversation dates” per week. Some couples decide to devote a weekend to settle into some long, enjoyable conversations.

How do we access the Spanish version of the course?

After purchasing the course, we will immediately send you an email with a link to download the course instructions. This document will provide you with links to both the English and Spanish version that you can choose from. This works well for couples that have different primary languages as well.

Are your courses LBGTQ friendly?

Two of our courses are. When you choose the Basic eCourse or Christian eCourse, you’ll find that it has been written to accommodate all engaged couples everywhere, regardless of  gender or sexual orientation. The Catholic eCourse represents the Roman Catholic Church’s stance on marriage.

What if we have a question while completing the course?

Rev. Frank is available to answer any questions you may have as you are completing the course with your fiancé. Just email him at, and he’ll reply as quickly as possible!

How and when do we receive a completion statement?

Before they give you the discount on your marriage license or waive the 3 day waiting period, some states will need evidence from the premarital education provider stating that you have completed the course . Many churches and officiants will also require a similar statement. In order to receive your statement of completion, simply email electronic copies of the conversations you have done to, and Rev. Frank will send you a statement you can submit to the license bureau and/or church. Texas requires 8 hours for the discount; Minnesota requires 12 hours; Florida requires only 4 hours. As soon as you have spent the required time with the course, send Rev. Frank the work you have done, and he will respond with a completion statement

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Before We Say “I Do!”

The “Yes!” of an engagement marks an exciting and life-changing milestone in any couple’s life. Congratulations on taking the first step toward entering the world of wedding planning and marriage. Especially during this time of COVID-19, planning a wedding can be a stressful and overwhelming time, but also, a great time to focus on each other as your love deepens.

Couples who invest time in a marriage preparation course from a professional, church or organization can expect to grow closer and be more prepared for marriage when they say “I do!” and begin the long and loving journey as husband and wife.

Although your decision to be engaged will always be one of the most memorable milestones of your life as a couple, your engagement does not necessarily mean that from here to eternity you will live happily ever after. You are very wise to spend time, not just on wedding planning, but also on planning for marriage by focusing on your relationship and deepening the love you already have for each other.

In a world where marriage separations and divorce are common, newlyweds face increasingly difficult odds. Expert marriage preparation with the guidance of a professional is advisable for any couple planning to be married.

Preparing for marriage and setting your sights on a future of happiness and good communication with the help of one of the Online Marriage Preparation courses will give you the tools you will need for a long and happy life of commitment.

The months leading up to your wedding day will be the perfect time to solidify the foundation you have already built for your marriage partnership. The time between now and then need not be only for planning wedding showers, deciding who you will invite to your wedding, making all the wedding arrangements and planning your honeymoon, but also, and more importantly, a time to focus on what matters the most – the life you want to build together.


– Rev. Dr. Frank Nelson