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Online Marriage Courses offers three unique online marriage courses to choose from, so you choose the one that best fits who you are as a couple:

1) The Basic Marriage Preparation Course is a non-faith-based online premarital course that will help to improve your communication, deepen your love and remind you of what is really important in your relationship. It is designed to open the lines of communication and prepare you for your marriage and the inevitable challenges of marriage. Completing this course will help you have a strong, successful and satisfying marriage.

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2) The Christian Marriage Preparation Course is similar to the Basic Marriage Preparation Course, but is especially designed for engaged Christian couples who come from Protestant backgrounds. During the course, you and your partner will not only improve your communication, but also, be able to talk about your faith in natural and easy ways. Since no two people believe exactly the same things about life and faith, it is important for you to talk openly about your beliefs. As you do, you will both expand your understanding and faith.

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3) The Catholic Marriage Preparation Course places a special emphasis on marriage preparation for couples who come from the Roman Catholic tradition. During the course you will be able to talk about marriage as one of the seven sacraments. In addition to the ten guided conversations and video teaching sessions, you will also enjoy a video presentation by Father Tom Walker on the “Sacrament of Marriage.” You will also be introduced to “Natural Family Planning” and some of the resources available to you by a couple who has practice this method in their marriage. Some priests offer this Catholic Marriage Preparation Course as the fulfillment of the requirement that couples have to complete a pre-cana course. Ask your priest if this is an option for you, and upon request, I am happy to provide more information to your priest.

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Online Marriage Courses

Meet Rev. Frank

Since my early retirement as a pastor, I have met in person with more than 200 engaged couples. It is now my privilege to offer to you the same course, only online and in the privacy of your own home.

It’s an innovative, enjoyable and thorough approach to premarital coaching that couples continue to rave about.

After you choose which of the three courses fits you best, you will received complete step-by-step instructions that will make it easy for you to engage in the ten guided conversations. It’s actually quite fun!!

I wish you a strong and lifelong marriage!

Rev. Dr. Frank Nelson

You might be wondering…

Does the Catholic course meet pre-Cana requirements for my church?

Last year more than 150 Catholic couples successfully completed this course and submitted the official completion statement to their church. If you have questions about this, Rev. Frank is happy to contact your church on your behalf.

Does my state offer a discount?

More and more states and jurisdictions offer a discount program and some waive the 3 day waiting period. Please check with the state where your wedding will take place. Check out these pages for details on the Twogether In Texas and Minnesota Premarital Education programs. Each county in Florida requires a 4 hour preparation and offers a discount as well as waiving the 3 day waiting period. Also, check out marriage license discount programs in  Georgia, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah and West Virginia.

Do your courses qualify for the Twogether in Texas program?

Yes, all of our online marriage preparation courses are certified by the Twogether in Texas program, so you can choose the one that is a good fit for you as a couple. After completing the 8-hour, self-paced course, simply send us your completed work, and within an hour, we will email you an electronic copy of the Twogether in Texas statement of completion. Take the statement to the marriage license bureau and receive your $60 discount and have the 72-hour waiting period waived.

How long does it take to complete the course?

Your timeline is flexible and completely up to you! The course can be completed in one long day if that’s what you decide to do, but if you have time, it’s best to stretch the experience over days or weeks. In that case, plan to create a timeline for one or two “conversation dates” per week. Some couples decide to devote a weekend to settle into some long, enjoyable conversations.

How do we access the Spanish version of the course?

After purchasing the course, we will immediately send you an email with a link to download the course instructions. This document will provide you with links to both the English and Spanish version that you can choose from. This works well for couples that have different primary languages as well.

Are your courses LBGTQ friendly?

Two of our courses are. When you choose the Basic eCourse or Christian eCourse, you’ll find that it has been written to accommodate all engaged couples everywhere, regardless of  gender or sexual orientation. The Catholic eCourse represents the Roman Catholic Church’s stance on marriage.

What if we have a question while completing the course?

Rev. Frank is available to answer any questions you may have as you are completing the course with your fiancé. Just email him at, and he’ll reply as quickly as possible!

How and when do we receive a completion statement?

Before they give you the discount on your marriage license or waive the 3 day waiting period, some states will need evidence from the premarital education provider stating that you have completed the course . Many churches and officiants will also require a similar statement. In order to receive your statement of completion, simply email electronic copies of the conversations you have done to, and Rev. Frank will send you a statement you can submit to the license bureau and/or church. Texas requires 8 hours for the discount; Minnesota requires 12 hours; Florida requires only 4 hours. As soon as you have spent the required time with the course, send Rev. Frank the work you have done, and he will respond with a completion statement.