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The Value of Pre-Marriage Coaching – Don’t Be Afraid of It

The years and months leading up to marriage can be a beautiful and wonderful time of looking forward to the future. But there can be some rocky times, too, especially with all the stress of planning a wedding. You might be one of those couples experiencing some turbulence and even uncertainty as you prepare to walk down the aisle on your wedding day. The Value of Pre-Marriage Coaching – Don’t Be Afraid of It

Pre-marriage coaching is designed to help your relationship be all that it can be. Pre-marriage coaching is a lot like the little league coach working with kids to help them become better ball players. All of us have a lot to learn when it comes to relationships and learning to understand and communicate better in relationships. Pre-marriage coaching is meant to make a good thing even better.

Pre-marriage coaching is really a dynamic process that helps engaged couples learn some communication tools that will insure success in marriage. A good pre-marriage coach will help couples focus on improving their communication skills. Couples will learn during the coaching process that their major differences can become their best strengths in marriage.

Relationship coaching helps engaged couples work through some of the things that can get in the way of what everyone wants – a dynamic, vital, and joy-filled marriage. Rev. Dr. Frank Nelson offers three e-courses to improve your communication skills, be more confident about your love, and learn non-defensive conflict resolution. The course includes 10 easy-to-use guided conversations that you can download, fill out, and enjoy. So get started today and get on the right track to be ready to say “I do!”

If you are a couple who would like to strengthen your love and understanding, improve your communication and conflict resolution skills, and find greater joy right now in your relationship, contact Rev. Dr. Frank Nelson today.