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Rules for Conflict Resolution – # 5 of 14 – Negotiation and Compromise are Essential

Negotiation and compromise are essential skills. Always be looking for solutions (re-solutions) that will make life better for BOTH of you, and never say or imply, “It’s my way or the highway!” It’s amazing how creative you can both be if you are self-aware and willing to be aware of your partner’s needs. And if you are both reasonable, open to new solutions, non-defensively listening to each other and positive that if there is a way forward you’ll discover it together, then you re much more likely to resolve the issue. It may not be my idea, or your idea, but it might even be a better idea than both of us have. Love demands, not only greater understanding, but also, a desire to make life better, not just for yourself, but for your partner, too. So negotiate ideas, and move toward compromise so that life can be better for both of you.

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