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Rizo and Filippo – An Affordable Option That Helped us a Lot!

Rizo and Filippo took the Catholic Marriage Prep course from and found that thethis couple found the catholic marriage prep course affordable and it helped them a lot course was an affordable option that helped them a lot! It also reminded them of the important things in a marriage:

We are so grateful that we found this online course and it’s also cheaper compared to other online courses that are too expensive for us. The questions on these assignments helped us a lot and reminded us of the main reason why we are getting a convalidation of our marriage. We want God to be the center of our marriage and family. Thank you so much for helping us. –  Riza

Rev. Thank you! Because of this online training, me and my wife are reminded of why we want to officially convalidate our marriage in church. We want our son to be able to be proud that we want to serve the church, and are married in church – not only in a civil wedding. The questions are very clear and on point for what really matters and what is important in marriage. – Filippo

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