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Points of Discussion: Major Topics to Discuss in Premarital Plans

When you’re preparing to enter into marriage with someone, it’s important to have open communication, but sometimes it can be tricky to know what you’re supposed to be openly communicating about. Online Marriage Preparation is here to help, with eCourses designed to make preparing for marriage simple and honest so that you and your future spouse can always be on the same page.

Discussions to Have Before MarriageOur eCourses feature guided conversations that help couples discuss the big topics before the big day. Some of the most important and serious conversations that you have in your life will take place between you and your soon-to-be spouse before your wedding day. Our eCourses can help navigate some of the key topics to discuss before you say “I do” including your parents, your love life, leisure and work, faith, money, children, doing your part and your actual wedding day activities and events. The Huffington Post says that while these may be unsightly subjects or ones that you may be hesitant to discuss, you absolutely must discuss everything with your spouse before the big day.

Discussing your love life, your likes and dislikes, your favorite memories and your biggest arguments is a healing way to build on the relationship you’ve already built, helping the two of you to grow only stronger together on and after your wedding day.

When it comes to leisure and work, it’s important to decide how much of your day you’ll dedicate to working and how much you’ll dedicate to spending time together. If one or both of you are workaholics, you’ll need to recognize this and make sure to plan time to spend together so that while you build your professional career you don’t neglect growing and nourishing your relationship.

Discussing how you feel about faith and children up front can prevent also serious resentments or arguments later in life. If one spouse genuinely doesn’t want children, you’ll need to make sure you’re both comfortable with that since it’s a big decision that impacts you both.

When it comes to money, be frank and honest. Talk about how you plan to spend the money that you earn together, how you plan to save, and whether or not you want to consult each other on the smaller purchases.

These topics will force you to discuss things that might sometimes seem impolite to discuss, but when you’re entering into marriage, there can be no secrets or assumptions. Rest assured, our eCourses will make sure you both get everything out on the table, and you’ll walk away from the program stronger, more assured of your decision, and more in love with one another than ever before.

For more information on our eCourses or to order a course – whether our Basic eCourse or our Christian marriage preparation course or Catholic Pre-Cana programs – give us a call today at 651-731-7580.

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