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Johnny and Bao – The Importance of Healthy Communication

Johnny and Bao took the Christian (Non-denominational) Course from and learned about the importance of healthy communication while reflecting on scriptures and praying together.

My experience with the course was great. I enjoyed doing it with my partner and we got to have deep conversations. The course helped guide us to deepen our relationship and reminded us about our love for each other. I would say to other couples to take the time to go through this course. Thank you for creating this course to help couples deepen their relationship together and with God apart of it all. – Johnny

Taking this course has helped me learn and understand my partner better. It was enjoyable in a way where we got to reminisce about our younger days and learn/relearn about each other. I found it helpful especially in learning to understand how we both communicate and trying to normalize saying how we feel rather than expect it. One thing I can take away from this and share with other couples is to make sure you both set time apart to really do this course together. 

I know people hear it all the time that communication is key, but we forget that some might need more processing before having a conversation, and that’s okay. Thank you so much for the course you have put together for couples, I love that we had time to reflect on scriptures, videos, and that 1 minute of holding hands together while praying, definitely add a special touch. It really felt like we are not just doing it alone but with God in the midst of our relationship. – Bao

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