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If You Are a Christian Couple Planning to Be Married

If You Are a Christian Couple Planning to Be MarriedBuilding spiritual intimacy with your partner and growing together in God’s love helps you develop traits of forgiveness, kindness, and respect and opens the door to new ways of communicating.

According to research, reading the Bible and praying with your partner increases your overall happiness and strengthens your relationship. Reading the Bible as a couple allows you to make time for each other, grow closer to God, and put each passage of Scripture into practice.

Making Time for Bible Reading

One of the most difficult aspects of studying the Bible together is setting aside quality couple time for each other. Plan to develop a consistent pattern of meaningful study and prayer together. Put it on your calendars and commit to it.

If You Are New to This Idea, Start Out Slowly

To get started plan to commit to a once-a-week reading time. Gradually increase until you are able to connect for 15 minutes once a day. Start with the book of Mark, then Matthew, Luke and John. Some great Bible reading plans can be found by doing an online search. Pick times that are convenient for both of you and spend at least 15 minutes together in study. Put the times you plan to read together on your calendars and stick to your developed schedule. Set a goal to complete the reading of one of the books of the Bible, and set a new goal each time you have completed a book of the Bile.

Talk About Your Findings

Take turns reading out loud and discussing what each verse or passage means to each of you. Talk about how the message from God’s Word can strengthen your relationship.

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