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Myranda and Michael

I was unsure what to expect when signing up for the non-religious marriage preparation course, but could not be more thankful that I did. I felt that my fiance and I had talked about most topics, but this forced us to dig deeper and have conversations related to roles, familial influences, and understanding how we reached where we are today. I will definitely be printing these conversation PDFs and using them throughout our future marriage. Thank you, Reverend Frank, for providing us with the guidance and space to talk freely and learn even more about one another. – Myranda

I believe that the reflection and conversations will prove helpful in our marriage. We have had talks about many of the topics before this course, but I think it was good to review our opinions. I am grateful for this course giving us the opportunity to have conversations regarding topics that we hadn’t thought about. Thank you for giving us the chance to talk freely in a comfortable and open space to learn more about each other and what our future holds. – Michael