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Ben and Marisol

Our work in this marriage preparation course was an enriching experience. It provided us with thought-provoking conversations which boosted my confidence ahead of our marriage. I felt that the module subjects were helpful to focus on specific areas of our lives. I enjoyed being next to each other and sharing the conversation together. It felt natural and emphasized being in this together. I believe that we now have a clearer picture of what our goals are for a shared life together as husband and wife. – Ben

We loved this marriage preparation course. As a couple, we already know we share a lot of the same values and goals but having purposeful, in-depth discussions about it made us grow together on a deeper level, really solidifying that we have a united vision and will continue being a great team. We enjoyed carving out the time to sit together, hold hands, and talk about the past, present, and future in the context of our marriage and everything that is entails. It has made us a stronger couple going into marriage and has given us new tools to continue healthy communication and partnership. – Marisol