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Learning healthy conflict resolution skills during online marriage preparationZachary and Kennedy recently completed the Christian (Non-Denominational) Course at and shared that they benefitted from learning healthy conflict resolution skills as well as talking about their mutual faith.

Below they explain more:

My experience was enjoyable. This course brought up crucial conversations and topics that may have otherwise been unaddressed going into our wedding. I especially enjoyed the “Resolving Issues” template and discussions as this will be a way to resolve issues or make important decisions down the road. My advice to other couples is to take time, undistracted, and truly connect with your partner. They’re what matters most! – Zachary

I have already recommended this course to multiple friends who are getting married. It gave us talking points to conversations we knew we wanted to have but didn’t know how to start them. It made us talk about our faith and other issues that have been important to us. Doing it online was also convenient for time management during our busy schedules.– Kennedy

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