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Xavier and Beatrice – It Was a Godsend!

Xavier and Beatrice felt that the Christian Marriage Prep Course (Non-Denominational) was a Godsend because itIt Was Truly a Godsend! brought them closer to God and they learned just how much they enjoy praying together:

This pre-marital course has really opened my eyes to a lot of what makes a marriage a good and strong one. This includes everything from self-improvement to coexisting in a harmonious home. I have also turned to God more because of this course. I can’t explain how many times I have felt the holy spirit envelope my body or run through our hands when we would hold hands while praying before every course.

I have definitely enjoyed this whole-heartedly and can’t say thanks enough for having experienced it. It was truly a God send. I would recommend this to anyone seriously thinking about tying the knot. I would say keep an open mind and be honest all the way through because it will be that much better at the end. Thank you, Rev. Doctor Frank Nelson. – Xavier

The online marriage preparation course was so helpful as we are preparing to tie the knot. Even though our relationship is not new, and we have been together a few years, it still helped us open & start conversations we had never opened before.

We connected deeper than we had in the past. It was very enjoyable to connect through the important conversations in the course, as we don’t get many date nights due to having children. We learned how much we loved praying together alone because of this course. We are definitely going to be using this process for important conversations in the future and will be using our prayers and answers as reference guides. My favorite part of the course was opening up to each other while leaving room for our Heavenly Father to be present with us. I highly recommend couples to take this faith based online marriage preparation course. – Beatrice

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