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William and Betty not only benefitted from taking the Roman Catholic Course, but they specifically enjoyed the sections about preparing for the wedding and resolving conflict. In the future, they look forward to incorporating’s bonus sections which encourage weekly conversations as well as completing a special section on their anniversary.

Father Frank, I wanted to take a moment to thank youengaged couple resolving conflict for the well thought out preparation for marriage course. I wasn’t sure if this type of program was going to benefit us in our journey, but I can confidently state that I was blessed to find a program that I truly believe helped us prepare for our upcoming marriage. I especially enjoyed the preparing for the wedding and the rules for resolving conflict sections. We look forward to incorporating the weekly conversation and Anniversary sections as we move forward on our lives together. Thank you again. – William

Father Frank, having completed this program, I have reflected a lot on my previous religious education, for example, when I completed my First Communion and Confirmation. I have been able to reflect on not only that but also on the traditional teachings when attending mass with my parents as a child. It has brought me renewed purpose to continue to cherish and reflect on my participation in mass. This wedding preparation course allowed us to increase our level of communication and understanding of each other in the Christian faith. I especially appreciated and valued the “before the wedding” section of the course. It allowed my fiancé and I to begin to communicate about all of the upcoming planning of our wedding. With much appreciation. – Betty

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