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Will this eCourse give us a better understanding of each other?

In December Krystal and Patrick completed the online course and this is what Krystal wrote: We truly enjoyed our experience. It is wonderful to take the time to talk about things at a more in depth level! Thanks for giving us a better understanding with some of the issues we face. Krystal

Patrick wrote: We have learned a lot about each other and ourselves in the last weeks. I think the greatest achievement of this course for me was sitting down and laying out how our personalities are different, but that’s what makes us so compatible. We learned new ways to communicate and work together. Thank you, Patrick

Will this eCourse give us new, deeper, richer understanding of ourselves and the one we are about to marry? Absolutely! That’s the real benefit of taking the time to complete this very easy, practical, insightful and enjoyable course. It does what every couple I’ve ever met wants to do. Know and understand the one they love that much more. Thanks for taking a look.  Rev. Dr. Frank Nelson

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