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Why Experience Premarital Online Counseling Before Getting Married

Why Experience Pre-Marital Coaching Before Getting MarriedMany couples believe that counseling is strictly for married couples experiencing problems. In reality, numerous studies show that premarital counseling increases the success rate of a marriage by 30%!

It’s a fact! Couples who commit to a marriage preparation course from a professional coach, church, or organization often grow closer and become better prepared for marriage.

There are several reasons.

1. It will help you to with your communication skills.

You and your fiancé may have talked about how many kids you want to have, where you want to live once you get married, and even what you are expecting out of a marriage. But have you explored topics like who will handle your finances and what will happen if one of you is asked to move to a different state for a job? Far too often, soon-to-be married couples fail to dig deep into what life will be like once they are married. Coaching will encourage you to confront all of the issues associated with marriage so that you are better prepared.

2. It will help you spot potential problems.

Throughout the course of premarital coaching, you will be asked to spend time thinking about your relationship. It’s good to be as thorough as possible to discover issues that you may not be aware of. You don’t want any big surprises once you tie the knot and settle down with your significant other. Premarital coaching is a great and safe place to open yourself up and allow the other person to step into your world.

3. It will teach you conflict resolution.

No matter how happy your relationship is now, there will be times when you don’t get along with each other. It’s important for you to figure out a process that works for you in dealing with conflicts and making important decisions together. A good coach will be able to teach you how to use the tools you will need to make your marriage run smooth.

Are you planning to be married in the future? Consider taking a premarital online course that will do all of the above and yet cost you pennies on the dollar compared to the in person options? offers a variety of e-courses to fit each couple’s needs as they prepare for the big day.