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What to Discuss Before Getting Married

Couple Sitting Admiring Engagement RingGetting married will be perhaps the most important decision of your life. Marriage is an emotional, physical, psychological, and financial investment unlike any other. It’s a promise to spend the rest of your life with your soul mate, truthfully and faithfully.

There are several important discussions that you and your fiancé need to have before getting married so that you will both better understand each other prior to proclaiming your love before your family and friends.

Here are just a few things you will need to discuss before your wedding day:

Understanding Living Habits

Getting married is a decision to share a space together for the rest of your lives and love one another regardless. You should know how your significant other lives including the good, the bad, and the ugly. Get to know his/her day-to-day habits, quirks, hobbies and discuss any shortcomings you may have with each other. Airing those thoughts out sooner, rather than later, is key.

Discuss Your Values and Priorities in Life, including your Views on Faith

This goes without saying, but knowing where your soulmate stands in regards to life’s most important values as well as their faith background and their beliefs is crucial information before marriage. Discuss at length what values you hold dear and what role practicing faith will play in your future. You may very well not agree on many things, but if there are disagreements, it’s important that you discuss them now rather than down the line, so there are no surprises. Every person is unique, but it is critical that you understand where your fiancé stands.

How You’ll Make Decisions and Resolve Issues

How will you handle decision-making and conflict resolution? Marriage involves many major decisions: renting/buying/sharing a home, the question of whether to have a child and how many, managing finances, and much more. Like it or not, there may be “fights” along the way. You’ll have to problem-solve together and learn to negotiate. The goal of conflict resolution is not to win what I want or prove that I’m right, but rather to find out what will be a win for both of us by discovering what we both want and need, and that starts first with a conversation.

At Online Marriage Preparation, we offer simple to use guided conversations that make it easy for couples to have all of the above conversations. Pre-marriage coaching isn’t just for couples who have concerns. Online Marriage Preparation is a healthy and fun way to talk about the future together in ways that increase love and understanding and guarantee a brighter and happier future in marriage. Contact us and get started today!