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Couples recommend Rev. Dr. Frank’s marriage prep course to clergy!

Clergy often look for ways to strengthen their ministry, while at the same time, free up time for other things. The best recommendation for Rev. Dr. Frank’s marriage preparation courses comes from couples who have completed the course. When asked, “What can you say to pastors to recommend this approach?” these were some of their comments:

  1. It’s a must for all couples. I would not have even come across some of these issues without Dr. Nelson’s help.
  2. I would highly recommend using TalkPoints and Pastor Nelson. He was a fantastic resource. We really appreciated his insight.
  3. Tell them how personal the approach has been. It was very much felt geared to us, and didn’t feel irrelevant. I feel more prepared for marriage even if there is still a lot of practical work ahead!
  4. A definite Yes – good idea – good leader/pastor
  5. I would tell them that this is more effective than taking a compatability test. This actually makes you talk through things as a couple.

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