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Using Marriage Preparation Courses with Your Congregants

As a pastor or priest, you often have the joy of watching couples in your congregation decide to take the vow of marriage. With this big step in a young couple’s lives, it is important to encourage them to invest time in a marriage preparation course so they feel prepared by the time the big day comes around. When a couple takes time to plan their marriage, they will grow closer and deepen their love.

Preparing for MarriageWhether you are looking to improve the marriage course you already have in place at your church or start a new marriage preparation program, Online Marriage Preparation can help! The Rev. Dr. Frank Nelson designed this series of marriage preparation courses to coach others on all he has learned during his many years of premarital counseling. With the tools and guidance these courses have to offer, you will be able to help couples of both non-denominational Christian or Roman Catholic faiths discover more about each other with easy-to-use guided conversations.

With the Christian eCourse, you will help couples learn non-defensive communication skills to solve conflicts, as well as talk about their Christian faith openly and with understanding. This comprehensive 12-hour course can be completed during a weekend retreat, during a class schedule of your choosing or can be completed by the couple online with your guidance.

The Catholic eCourse offers similar premarital counseling sessions as the Christian eCourse, but with an emphasis on the Roman Catholic faith. This 12-hour specialized program focuses on marriage as one of the seven sacraments and introduces the couple to natural family planning. You can offer this course as a requirement or a choice for your congregants.

With the increase of separation and divorce among couples, it is important for the newly engaged to take the time to lay a foundation for their marriage. With a structured ecourse from Online Marriage Preparation, you will be equipped with all the information you need to help your congregants prepare for their futures together. To learn more about the different marriage preparation courses available for clergy and other religious professionals, browse online or call 651-731-7580 today.

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