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Zharmyn and Stephen

I found this course to be extremely helpful with getting through these important conversations.  These are things that Stephen and I talk about a lot in passing, but haven’t gone through in a serious and deliberate matter.  We both loved the template outline in the “Issues” exercise and are planning to continue using it in the future.  Because of my work in healthcare, I’ve been extremely sensitive to the current state of the pandemic, and being able to complete this course from the safety of my own home was a true blessing.  For any couple interested in this course I would say, take as much time as you need on these exercises.  It’s easy to just go through them quickly without taking the time each conversation needs, but it will benefit you greatly if you stretch these out and give them the time they need. – Zharmyn

I found the experience quite enjoyable.  These are conversations that both Zharmyn and I have been meaning to have but never had a chance to sit down and work through.  I specifically really liked the “Issues” conversation, as it gave us a nice template to use when discussing further issues.  Also, given the current state of the pandemic, having access to all this material online was extremely convenient.  We were able to go at our own pace without having to worry about what was going on with the rest of the world.  For any couple thinking about going through this course I would say do it!  The pace is extremely flexible and if you go into it earnestly, it’s worth the time it takes. – Stephen