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Whitney and Neven

Dear Rev. Frank, thank you for providing this course for us and other couples. We felt strong going in, but this really allowed us to give our thoughts space and to articulate really important parts of our relationship. It was great how accessible the conversations were and we were able to do them on our own schedule. I’m excited to take what we’ve learned from the course and start our wedded life together. Thank you. – Whitney

Dear Rev. Frank, I want to thank you for this wonderful and structured course. I had a high confidence in our relationship, so I didn’t think the course was necessary. Additionally, my lack of faith upbringing made me nervous for the course. After completing the talks I realized that no matter how prepared I thought I was, being able to express and hear our relationship’s details and concerns made me realize how much growing can be done. This course has also provided us with a wonderful strategy for facilitating that growth. The balance and flexibility of faith and spirit was perfect for my background. I don’t regret spending this time at all. I really look forward to employing and applying what we learned. Thank you. – Neven