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Victoria and Andy

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this course, but I was pleasantly surprised with how helpful it was! I really enjoyed the “Before We Say I Do” module, and I really enjoyed the “Faith, Core Value and Beliefs” and the “Our Wedding Day” module as I have done all of our wedding planning. I think for other couples, especially those that haven’t lived together before, this would be an especially helpful course! I would say to them that I wasn’t even planning on doing any sort of counseling, but I’m thankful that I was able to squeeze this course in because not only was it helpful and needed to have these conversations, but it was actually fun to reflect on myself and learn a little bit more about my partner! I am really looking forward to using the “Conversation Dates” worksheet as we implement our weekly date nights! Thank you again! – Victoria

We found the experience to be useful and productive. With the stress of planning the wedding from far away as we are living in a different state now, this was a nice way for us to come together and affirm our feelings and promises to each other. It showed me that Tore and I have a very healthy relationship, because we have spent lots of time talking about pretty much all of this stuff already and are on the same page or confirmed our feelings about these things to each other. I would recommend this course to other couples because it will either 1) show them that they are making the right choice and are prepared to marry each other or 2) open up important conversations that they may not have had but that they need to have before getting married. Thank you for putting this course together! – Andy