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Veronica and Zach

Thank you for providing this source for our marriage counseling! While Zack and I are luckily already great communicators, I found it was a great way to define how we already feel about the topics discussed in the course. It was also nice to have these conversations leading up to the wedding. The course was easy to follow. My only criticism is that I think that some of the questions throughout the course became a little repetitive, and I found myself writing similar answers for multiple prompts. Otherwise, it was a great exercise in getting ourselves ready to make the commitment of a lifetime and I’d recommend it to other couples!  – Veronica

I think your course was simple yet thorough. It was not difficult to follow along, yet gave leading questions that caused both me and my fiancé to think and express real points of view that were not superficial. I appreciate that they were filled out separately so one’s ideas could be fleshed out before sharing, and I appreciate the topics being divided up to keep the conversations specific and on task. Overall, a great and helpful course leading up to our wedding. – Zack