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Tran and Nahn

I am really grateful that I was able to take this course with my husband. It gave us an opportunity to sit back and contemplate our experiences, deepest feelings and any thoughts that we may not have shared with each other. It was a great opportunity to strengthen the foundation for our marriage, our happiness together, and our life as unity. As a non-Catholic, I never expected the course to made such an immense impact on me. I have told people I know who are also non-Catholic about the usefulness of the course too. The course was really enjoyable to me. Many times I felt as if I was questioning myself and then looking at myself in the mirror answering the questions. The course allowed me to ask and answer myself important questions that I should have but never did ask myself in the past. I really like that the course was fully remote, so time was not restricted, we did not feel rushed, and we could work on it whenever we have time. Such flexibility, I believe, also helped increase the benefits of the course. I would recommend other couples to take this course by Father Frank. I strongly believe the course will lay strong foundation for their future happiness and life together as a married couple. – Tran

I am taking ROMAN CATHOLIC ECOURSE in order to prepare for our marriage in a Catholic Church. I found the course from Father Frank to be very useful. My wife and I had some deep conversations regarding our marriage life by answering the course questions. I thought the questions are very well designed and structured.  The thing I liked most about this course is that it’s completely remote and we can answer questions whenever we have time and also, we can take some time to think about some of the questions. I didn’t feel any time pressure because I could take the course in my own pace. Father Frank is very communicative, and he is also prompt in responding to our question. I would recommend this course to any couple that are looking for an online course to complete their Catholic Marriage requirement. The course is well worth the money according to my experience. – Nahn