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Tram and Tuan

I’m really thankful for this course. Before we start the conversations, we thought marriage preparation course just a course that we need to sit and read the materials and memorize main points we need to know when we’re getting married. But we’re totally wrong. Those conversations change our thought about marriage. Marriage is more than just marry our love one, but there are a lot of responsible, and issues we need to face together. As we go through the topics, we realize that because we are being together for a long period, we tend to get use to each other’s presence, we forgot to remind our past moments together, and do something romantic to refresh our feelings and mind. Although, we communicate everyday, but we feel like there is a small step to the closest way that we wanted. But then after this course, our communication is improving in more positive ways. We able to share our thoughts, and plan that have tell the other yet, and giving each other promises. Thank you so much for helping us to prepare for our marriage and provide us the opportunity to learn more about each other. We’re highly satisfied about this course. – Tram and Tuan