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Tracie and Terry

Dear Rev. Frank, We have finished the marriage prep course for Catholics.  I found it very beneficial and enjoyed taking the time to have each of the conversations with my fiance.  Your course was perfect to do during the COVID pandemic to reduce contact with others. I thought you covered all of the topics necessary to initiate thoughtful conversations prior to marriage and I feel i have grown closer to my fiance during this process. Thank you. – Tracie

Dear Reverend Frank, first off I want to thank you for the outstanding prep course. We have completed the Marriage prep course for Catholics. I found your prep course great to bring my fiancé and myself closer. We both agreed that we enjoyed the talks together on all the subjects for the prep course. Your course was full of great topics to bring up before anyone should get married. Your class also brings togetherness through conversations that you have with your significant other. I have grown closer to my fiancé through your outstanding course. Thank you. – Terry