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Tia and Troy

I really enjoyed taking this course with my fiancé, I feel like we were able to become closer and really connect from the discussions we had to complete. I think the one discussion that was most beneficial us was the “Issues” discussion and how we plan to work through our issues going forward. I would 100% recommended this course to any couples getting married. You are able to complete the course in your own time frame and in the convenience of your own home or wherever you decide to have your discussions. – Tia

It was good to see how both parties answer questions about what love is and what we see in our future. I liked that my fiancé and I had a lot of similar responses for what we think love is being kind to others and what we want to get out of having a family. It is a good course for couples to do in order to talk about things that they want or need from the other person. I don’t have any complaints on the course, it was long enough but not super long where you did not feel overwhelmed. I also think it is something that couples could complete in a weekend if they needed to be done faster. – Troy