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Thi and Ngoc

Overall, the experience that I have when it comes to preparing for our wedding has been enjoyable. Ngoc and I did come across some challenges and differences in the ways that we wanted to celebrate our love; however, we managed to communicate effectively and resolve all those differences. The thing that I found to be the most helpful is timely communication and being open about our expectations. This will help us be aware of each other’s feelings and avoid any understanding. – Thi

My experience in preparing for the wedding has been bittersweet. Many conflicts arise in the process, from the smallest to more severe matters. Trying to hold a wedding amidst the Coronavirus novel has added even more challenges. However, I’m proud to say that we have managed to resolve all those conflicts; and effective communication is the key. I’m really proud of me and my wife-to-be that we have been able to put our differences aside and meet at a happy medium to have the best wedding. – Ngoc