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Thi and Duy

Dear Reverend Frank, first of all, I would like to share that I and my boyfriend have a long-distance love. I live in Canada and he lives in Vietnam. We have been in love for 3 years, and it was a little bit harder when I studied the Marriage Catholic Course alone online, and he studied his Marriage Course alone in Vietnam.

His English is not good enough to study this course in English like me, so he studied in Vietnamese. But when we studied, both of us always thought about the other and shared what we learned with each other.

I really enjoyed this course. We have had a lot of conflict and problems that we felt were so hard to deal with, but during this course we learned that the most important thing for our love is to have respect for each other. Before this I was an easy person to get angry at my boyfriend and always force him to deal with problems right away. I always expected him to be patient with me and listen to me more than what I would do for him. But during this course I have learned what steps I should take when we have a conflict. Additionally, I have learned how to express myself by listening to him and showing him the way how I respect him and our relationship.  Thank you so much for your course and hope the best for you. – Thi and Duy