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Teh and Lee

My Partner and I enjoyed this course as it provided a structured platform for us to have deep and meaningful conversations that we would otherwise not have discussed. Because of these conversations, my partner and I learn more about how we perceive each other’s flaws and how we can work on them to have a good marriage. The course has also helped us to understand that it is about expressing love towards each other more so than being right or putting our point across. We would advise our friends that while these courses may seem cliched and contrived, if they approach and participate in it with an open mind, and they may learn more from it than they expect. Thank you and best regards. – Teh

My Partner and I enjoyed this course as it gave us a chance to engage in meaningful conversations and touch on sensitive topics we otherwise normally avoid. This helps us to discuss on the issues we face than swept them below to rug. Which in turn gave us the opportunity to think of a solution to our problem. We realized that it is important to communicate openly what we are displeased about than to keep it to ourselves. When we share about it, we are able to understand each other’s point of view better and work on an agreeable solution. The course reminds me to be always respectful to my partner even if there is a disagreement. We were really glad that this course was available during the Covid19 Pandemic situation, if not our wedding would have to be postponed to a much later date. so thank you Rev Frank Nelson and God bless! – Lee