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Tanner and Anna

I enjoyed this course as I was able to sit down with Anna with both of our undivided attention, and discuss important topics about our current relationship, and what we both hope to continue in our future marriage. I think this course was extremely helpful in that it had us talk on a deeper level with critical thinking about topics we have already discussed in the past, or new ones that were beneficial. We both were able to learn a few new things about each other which I thought was cool since we’ve been dating for 6 years, and thought we knew everything there was to know about each other. I would highly recommend this course to other couples as it helps plan and give guidance in what each person wants to see/create in their new marriage. – Tanner

This course was mostly enjoyable, sometimes hard. It brought up some great conversations, things we have touched on before but hadn’t completely dived into, and things we hadn’t thought to talk about. It also brought up some negative conversations and things that were hard for me to speak about, mostly surrounding my family. I learned new things about you, and I felt this brought us closer together. – Anna