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Stephen and Danielle

Rev. Frank, thank you for allowing us to take the online pre-cana course. I believe each conversation had a very purposeful reasoning to be there. It made me think deep and truly embrace the experience. This allowed me to first express my own thoughts on topics and then listen to Danielle’s point of view and have meaningful conversations and gain a better understanding of each other. The structure of the program flowed very smoothly. We were able to connect on a spiritual level and we look forward to growing our faith together. – Stephen

Rev. Frank, this experience has taught me more about the importance of marriage that I could have ever imagined. It educated us in areas in which we normally would not have focused on.  It taught me not to take our parents for granted and to rely on them to continue to provide guidance throughout our married life.  They have always been there for us, and they will continue to do so as we enter this new chapter in our lives. In addition, it also taught me the importance of investing time and energy into our love life, especially when children come along, they can add added stress to our relationship and it’s important to make time for ourselves.  As a result of this experience I now know that if we work together as a team through the difficult decisions and continue to push each other, we will succeed in whatever we do. – Danielle