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Shelsie and Dex

Thank you for such a great course. My fiancé and I truly enjoyed it. From the beginning we knew we wanted to take a premarital course. I am very happy that we found one that was Christian based. We were able to reflect on various aspects of our relationship, talk about things we had not considered in the past. This has definitely been a blessing to our current relationship by bringing us even closer and has helped prepare us both mentally and emotionally for our marriage. We did not experience any trouble navigating the course. Would definitely recommend couples to take the time to connect, learn, and experience a marriage course. – Shelsie

I enjoyed going through this course with my fiancee. It definitely helped the both of us do some reflecting on our relationship. We were able to retrospectively look back at all the memories we’ve formed as well as the relationship we have established throughout the years. It helped establish how we feel towards each other and why. It also gave us insight into our future in marriage. This course involved many different aspects of relationship dynamics. Some of the important ones that I found value in were finances, family, and children. Those topics need to be explored in every relationship before marriage as they will have a tremendous impact on the experience. I think this course is very valuable and I would advise any couple to take it as it will benefit them greatly. – Dex