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Sandra and Adan

I really enjoyed this online marriage preparation. The course gave both of us the opportunity to reevaluate our lives and what we have accomplished as a couple. The course also brought us tears by reflecting on how fortunate we are to have found each other. We also realize how compatible we are for each other. This course pinpointed the importance of our lives with our past, present, and future. It also included details where we both reflected on how we can change for the better and to help each other grow, not on our own, but also with God by our side.  I would personally recommend this course to couples interested in connecting with each other personally. – Sandra

I enjoyed the course. I felt that it brought us closer together and reminded us that we are making a promise to each other, but God as well. I would recommend this course because it helps with preparing for marriage, the future, and helps you see how compatible you are with each other. I felt that it brought out a lot of good emotions between us and helped us reflect over our relationship in good ways that is helpful down the road. I recommend this to couples who want to see if they are ready for the full commitment to each other and God. – Adan