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Samantha and Stewart

Our experience thus far has been rewarding. I’m usually the communicator in our relationship; however, this course and the way it asks questions has made it easier for my fiancé to share his thoughts, love, and feelings I never knew he had, and we’re just getting started.  I already love him, but this course seems to be growing that love even more. The most enjoyable part has been hearing my fiancés thoughts and feelings that I might have never known had we not taken the course. The course has been helpful in more ways than one, my favorite is we both enjoy it and are excited to share our answers with each other and look forward to the next set of questions to encourage us to communicate. I would 100% recommend other couples to take this course just to see how much you really understand their partner, their needs, wants and expectations prior to marriage. We are committed to completing the course and have agreed to retake it every 5 years to see how our answers may change. – Samantha

The Online Marriage Preparation course was great. My soon to be wife and I had a great time, truly expressing our feelings, wants and how we have changed for each other. The course was a lot of fun and really made us want to keep going to the next part and exciting to hear what one another’s feelings were for each other. I would really recommend this course for all. It definitely helps you talk and learn things about each other that sometimes wouldn’t be said.  We have already talked about sitting down in five years and doing it again. It’s great bonding time that I feel most couples tend to forget or are too busy to do, but I feel it’s a must for a successful marriage. – Stewart