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Robert and Olivia

I enjoyed this course very much. It was very convenient to be able to do, especially with both of our busy and unpredictable schedules. We both work in the operating room and never know when we will get out of work. Sometimes if everything goes perfect, we would both get out at a decent time, but this course made it very easy and allowed both of us to work around our differing schedules. I also thought that the discussion topics were exactly topics that needed to be discussed, worked on, and agreed upon. There were topics, ideas, and other elements of this course that are not necessarily topics people like to bring up but they need to be discussed and each person needs to come to an agreement. I felt it was helpful in the sense that it brought to light all of the issues couples could have and basically put it out there for the couple to discuss, figure out solutions, or how to handle conflicts that arise. The course also makes the individuals taking it realize their actions, and now it affects their partner. Someone might be doing something to drive the other person to feel anger towards them and might not even know it. When this issue is discussed, something can be done in order to make both happy. The course was very enjoyable, we were able to do it together in the comfort of our own homes. I would recommend this course to others because of the convenience, the ability to do the courses around a couple’s schedule, and the helpful discussions and topics that were contained in this course. – Robert

I thoroughly enjoyed taking this course, and I believe it was an eye-opening experience for both me and my fiancé.  First, I found that this course was helpful because it brought up topics that we may not have considered or may not have talked about on our own, or that may have been a little uncomfortable for us to bring up without a little push. It opened up the door for deeper, more constructive conversation. It was nice to explore our spiritual beliefs at this time because I feel as though those can be easily lost in the very hectic, stressful environment that comes with wedding planning.  We entered into this journey together solely for the purpose of union, and it was nice to be reminded of that through this course.  I liked the setup of the class because it allowed us to go at our own pace—we could do a little each night after work or do more on the days we weren’t as busy. It was very convenient for our lifestyle. I highly recommend this course to other couples.  I feel as if our relationship has been renewed and rejuvenated, and it sets us up for a better, more understanding marriage. – Olivia