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Regina and Tremell

Rev. Frank. First, I want to thank you for encouraging me and Tremell to take this course. It was so helpful. Having taken this course was very enjoyable. It brought me and my fiance’ closer together. Questions were asked of the both of us that made us think, and made us express things that we probably took for granted that we already knew. The conversation about parents. That was especially hard for me because my parents are both deceased and it’s a touchy subject for me. My fiance made me comfortable and asked me several times if I was ok. The convenience was amazing. I work overnight hours and my clients are unpredictable so being able to do it at home in the time that I had made it very convenient. And at times very enjoyable. I would get so involved I’d forget I was at work. Plus, I’m shy so that’s another reason it was convenient. I strongly suggest if you’re getting married take the time to take this course. The Rev. is very helpful and encouraging. He will help you and encourage you. On the website there were hundreds of places to take the course. I’m glad I chose the one with Rev. Frank Nelson. I hope he can continue to help us throughout our marriage. We have a bond with him. Thanks Rev. Frank Nelson – Regina

Reverend Frank Nelson, I would like to thank you for the course. It has brought Regina and I closer than we were before. I now understand her more than I have with any other woman. The questions were on point and it inspired me to aspire. The love that a man and a woman are supposed to have for each other are what we share with one another. Before all of this, I knew what love was, but wasn’t fully aware of the dynamics of being in love. Thanks to your course, I and Regina have grasped what love, respect, loyalty, honor, and trust really means. We will take this time and reflect on what brought us together and keep that in our hearts. Again, thank you so very much for all that you’ve done for us and our family. – Tremell