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Paige and Rob

Communication is something that will always need improvement in our lives.  What I appreciated most about this course was the different techniques for communicating. Having been dating for 5.5 years, Rob and I have learned a lot about communicating with one another but sometimes we find ourselves at a point where we don’t know how to communicate, or not communicating well.  We had some good discussions during this course, of topics we have struggled a little bit to communicate about in the past.  We were able to hear each other out and have productive conversations on a lot of these topics, most importantly on Money and Our Parents.  I look forward to continue to have productive conversations with Rob as we continue to grow in our relationship.  I believe these productive conversations will be beneficial for our life together. – Paige

Having dated longer than a lot of engaged couples and gone through several moves together, I tend to think Paige and I are ahead on a lot of the pre-marital talks.  Going through this course was a good reset and directed our conversations towards topics that aren’t always easy and fun.  We clearly aligned on most of the topics but the Financial topic was particularly good.  She is more impulsive with spending and I’m a definite saver.   Hearing each other talk about how we can work together to accomplish our goals, while still having fun and getting projects done was beneficial to me.  We plan to continue talks like that so we can work together to achieve goals, both individual and as a couple, without frustrating each other. – Rob