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Nhi and Rene

We have heard our friends say they’ve done pre-marital courses but was not able to finish them and friends that wanted to but didn’t have the time to. It took a while to search for a pre-marital course. We didn’t know if we wanted to do in-person because of the time that we would have to take to go to location. With our busy schedules we decided online would be best. I found and decided to give it a try based on the reviews and the options for a Christian-based course. It has been a blessing to us to have found such a well put together course that has helped us grow together. We got our course in July with a wedding date of October 1, 2022, and it has been great to have this be a part of our busy schedules. From the very first conversation we knew this is something we want to continue in our marriage, so we are so happy that this is set up for us to revisit our marriage in one year. This course is perfect for people with busy work schedules like us. We were able to get this done in the mornings, and Sunday evenings lounging on the couch. Some of the questions and discussions brought out a lot of emotions for me and it helped brought us closer together not only to each other but most importantly to God. – Nhi

Well thought out and thorough are the first words that come to mind when trying to describe this course. My fiancé and I completed the Christian non-denominational marriage course and we couldn’t be more satisfied. Mainly what we realized was that we have very good communication skills already, however we still were able to clear up some things that I didn’t realize we need to go more in depth with. I highly recommend anyone to give this course a try, plus the Couple Check-Up is a must! Thank you, Rev. Frank and your team, for making this online course possible. – Rene