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Nate and Katie

The course provided a valuable framework to discuss the significant topics related to relationships and marriage.  It was interesting to see the number of conversations that we had already prior to this course, but to have a structured discussion around it to make sure we were completely transparent with each other was important.  I’d recommend this course to other couples who are planning on getting married as it is easy to get caught up in wedding planning and this course is an excellent tool to take a step back and focus on the most important aspects of how to set yourselves up for a successful marriage. – Nate

This course was really helpful for us, and we’ve shared this feedback with our friends and family as well. The discussions covered a variety of topics and allowed us an opportunity to connect more deeply. We found that a number of topics were already things we’ve discussed, but there were a few that also brought new ideas to light. We also noticed that our answers were often the same, but in scenarios where they weren’t, we still agreed with what the other had written. As Nate said, we’re ready to just be married now! – Katie