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Nakiera and Corey

I would like to give a huge thank you to Rev. Frank Nelson for taking his time and coming up with a premarital course designed for any time and any place! This course was really informative and it was very detailed. Me and my soon to be husband are in a long distance relationship and we knew we wanted to participate in premarital counseling but we didn’t know how we would accomplish that goal when we are living in two different states. Rev. Nelson made that possible for us! We were able to complete each part of the course via FaceTime and we enjoyed every part of it. I loved how the course was detailed and how it brought up situations that you wouldn’t necessarily think about. We were able to discuss new things that we’ve never discussed in the past. I believe this course will always be something we can look back on at any moment in our marriage to help us in our relationship. This course allowed us to glorify God and to appreciate our relationship even more! I would definitely recommend this course to couples around the world because it was enjoyable. There aren’t many courses that you take that you can have fun and enjoy it. Although me and my Fiancé didn’t get to sit together side by side, Rev. Frank encouraged this course to be done over shared meals, silent prayers and holding of hands— amazing! If you’re looking to become married or you’re already married and you’re looking for some guidance, I definitely recommend this course!  – Nakiera

I am thankful for this course and glad I came across it. I want to thank Rev. Frank Nelson for dedicating his time and for doing a great work with this course. It was perfect for us as we are in 2 separate states. It was well informative and had directions for everything. Simple but effective. I couldn’t pick just 1 part that was good because each section helped in our relationship and gave us clarity as we continue to move forward. The course has great questions that may lead into some deep discussions, discussions you wouldn’t think you would have. I also loved how they had a section on our parents, which I think is needed as you’re marrying into someone else’s family as well. All around I give this course a 10/10, and if you’re planning on getting married, taking this premarital course will be a great help! – Corey