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Montana and Wes 

I enjoyed doing the course, as it allowed Wes and I to have a lot of different conversations over the course of a few weeks. Though we had talked about a lot of the issues before, it was nice to have written out answers that we went through, so that we both felt completely heard on the issues. I also liked the specific questions we answered, as it brought up issues that we had not previously discussed before, even if we had generally talked about the topic before. Overall, I think the course had excellent questions, and I really enjoyed the self-pacing so that we could choose which topics to spend more time on if needed. – Montana

I enjoyed these exercises more than I initially imagined I would. It was actually nice to reflect on our relationship and what it means to me as we get closer to the day of the wedding. My favorite sections were the ones we wrote to our parents, as well as each other’s. It gave me insight into what our marriage will be like, as I thought about things in a perspective I hadn’t before. I also loved getting to reminisce on the early days of our relationship and how it led us to this point. It mentally prepped me for the wedding day. I am and probably will still be nervous, but getting to do it with you will ease my mind when it comes time. Finally, I thought the course’s questions about household responsibilities and finances brought up some excellent points. We have discussed some things about money/work/chores/etc. before, but never with as much purpose and detail as this. I feel truly more prepared to get married and to be the husband you deserve after finishing this course. – Wes