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Mirian and Ovidiu

My boyfriend and I have gone through this as an engaged couple. This course was fun and allowed us to go in depth with our relationship and understand our different styles of how we handle situations and our parents’ ways as well. We took our evenings when we were alone to work our way through the talks. We found that it brought up topics and points that we hadn’t considered and gave us a lot to think about regarding our future together. But most importantly, we confirmed we agree on the main points and we are more sure than ever we took the right decision getting engaged. – Mirian

The prep course was absolutely great! The material covered was just wonderful and created lots of things to talk about between my fiance and myself. We just loved the conversations and the topics covered and always looked forward to the next one. Overall, a great course for improving communication and developing deeper levels of intimacy as a couple and future husband and wife. – Ovidiu