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Mike and Anastasia

As a Nuclear Engineer, I do not often delve into the emotional side of things, so it is refreshing to be “forced” into verbally expressing feelings that are sometimes buried within.  A pretty powerful shared four (4) hours together that really puts some focus on what we are about to enter into.  No shockers in Anastasia’s response, but always good to hear how aligned we truly are, and I believe are well-positioned for a wonderful life together!  One of our biggest assets, but also biggest challenges is that we are both type-A personalities, so very important for us to understand each other and keep it front and center that “us” is more important than “I” and work hard to pause during those trying moments to better listen and not quickly, harshly respond.  All of the wonderful traits are there – we just have to keep the focus on that, not the distractors.  Once again, not my wheelhouse of expertise (emotions), but appreciative of having these quick conversations on topics that could present challenges for us. – Mike

I think the course is very fulfilling and comprehensive.  There are so many different angles, and the questions are touching almost every aspect of a couple’s life, from parents to kids to work commitments to most importantly, commitment to one another.  Some of the questions were pretty general for our situation, but some of the questions I found to be “tear jerkers”.  Even though I believe I do know Mike very well, living with him for ~5 years, it’s still good to hear the things that he answers to each and every question, reaffirming what I believe about us and him, as my chosen one.  I would highly recommend to every couple regardless of whether they are obligated to take the course or not.  It is a great tool for a couple to learn about one another. – Anastasia