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Michaela and Trevor

I thought this course was very helpful. I loved that the questions seemed simple but really, they sparked a deep conversation between me and my partner. We got a deeper understanding of what we want in life, how we’d like to raise our children, and much much more. Not only do I feel better about marrying Trevor, but also more excited because this course was an affirmation that we are on the same page. There are definitely still elements of our relationship that we need to work through but we have a detailed plan on how we will go about doing that. Our primary issue is communication and this course work has helped us start talking on an intimate level and think about ways we can improve ourselves in this area. – Michaela

I think the wedding counseling has been very helpful at bringing up some discussions that definitely needed to be talked about. It has helped me feel closer to Michaela by further explaining to me what the things she needs in a relationship are, and it helps to have them written down. I think it was a very good way to get us talking about difficult things that we may have not talked about had we not done this when we did. – Trevor