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Michael and Lisbette

This was an extremely helpful process for our marriage and partnership. We learned and discussed things about us that we had not thought to address. We now have a better understanding about what will make us a better couple. It was a very beneficial course. We enjoyed the openness that it brought about, and we had some fun in the process! – Michael

As a young person without any experience on long-term relationships, this course was highly beneficial. I learned how to manage a relationship, how to form a bond, and what the milestones of a good marriage are. I enjoyed taking it with my fiancé since I learned about his personality, his way of seeing life, and his expectations in our future marriage. I think this was the beginning of a long, fruitful journey as it brought us closer together and it made us understand what this kind of bond is really about. Without this course we would have faced issues and would have had many difficulties that we now know how to properly address. I am glad we took it. – Lisbette