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Michael and Lethe

I was surprised that during the Issues segment, the issue we chose was deeper than we first thought. We were able to have a long discussion about how the problem came up, and we came up with some plans to tackle it. I found it really helpful to be able to do things on our own time. It gave us time to really think through things and have more meaningful conversations. I would tell other engaged couples to take things at a comfortable pace. Sometimes difficult topics came up and it’s okay to step away from it for a bit. – Michael

I was encouraged by the Rules for Resolving Conflict section. Communication is something my fiancé and I have been working on for a while, and it was nice to see that we were already naturally following a lot of the rules listed in the PDF. It was nice to see them all written out like that and to be able to print them out as a reminder. This was a valuable course and it allowed me to understand my partner’s feelings behind things better. Sometimes it’s hard to put things verbally, but completing the written portion gave us a good springboard to jump into conversations. To other couples, I would tell them that even if you think you know your partner completely, this course may bring up things that surprise you. It brings up a lot of topics that are vital to talk about before getting married. – Lethe